Cleaning Up Lake Tahoe: How You Can Keep The Lake Clean

There are beautiful beaches around Lake Tahoe. The lake can be a beautiful place to relax with family and friends. Unfortunately, the people that use these beaches don’t always keep them clean. It’s not at all unusual to see garbage in and around the lake.

If you are interested in cleaning up Lake Tahoe, you’ll find that there are all kinds of options available to you. Here are a few basic tips that will help you to keep your lake clean.

Come Prepared

When you go to the lake, make sure you’re prepared to do some cleaning. Bring a bag with you so that you will be able to gather any trash that you see.

Spend some time cleaning up the area when you arrive and before you leave. If everyone dedicated a few minutes of their beach time to cleaning, the lake would be a much cleaner place.

Volunteer For A Cleanup Project

You can only do so much to clean up the lake on your own. If you want to make a difference, you may want to sign up for some volunteer cleanup project.

A lot of people care about keeping the lake clean, which means that cleanup projects are held on a regular basis. If you look into cleanup programs, you should be able to find something that you can volunteer for. Do your part to keep the lake looking clean!

Encourage Your Friends To Clean

A lot of people that live around Lake Tahoe love the lake and want to keep it looking great. However, many of these people simply don’t realize how bad the trash problem has gotten.

You should do your part to raise awareness. Talk to your friends about the mess around the Lake. Davis Chiropractic is pushing people to contribute and help, check out Davis Chiropractic website here. Encourage other people to do more cleaning. If you’re volunteering for a major cleanup project, you might want to ask other people to participate with you.

The more people that get involved in cleaning Lake Tahoe, the better. This is a project that requires help from a lot of different people.

Look Into Long-Term Solutions

In addition to cleaning up the lake yourself, you should try to advocate for long-term solutions to waste problems. You might wind to support initiatives like plastic bag bans. These kinds of bans have helped to reduce the amount of waste produced in some communities.

You should support local recycling programs, and you should try to help companies with green business practices. If you advocate for the environment, then you will already be doing a lot to keep your lake clean.

Are you involved in cleaning up Lake Tahoe? If you aren’t, you might want to change that. There are all kinds of different things you can do if you want to improve the condition of the lake. In time, the litter around the lake and the beach will start to disappear. The lake will be cleaner that it has been in a long time.

The Northern Nevada Swamp

Although Nevada is primarily a desert climate, it can turn into wetlands at parts of the year. These wetlands are home to a divers bio culture of flora and fauna. Here at Dickinson Bayou Group we are dedicated to exploring these desert swamps and seeing just what discoveries are there to be made.

Join us over the next couple of weeks as we explore the first of these desert swamps in the Washoe Valley of Northern Nevada. Here, we find that once the snow melts, the grounds get very swampy and a different group of animals come out. This valley is rich in insect live and therefore attracts many birds that feast on the bloom on insects. The first few that we found are grey horned owls that we will be sharing with you all!