Can Causing A Car Crash Lead To Prison Time

Can An Accidental Injury Lead To Prison Time

There are a lot of dangers in this world especially with all the fast cars out and about. With the world running faster than ever, accidents can’t be avoided. In this article, we will be discussing the after effects of what happens when a person accidentally harms someone in a car crash you may need to be bailed out of jail.

The first thing that a person must to in the event of a crash is seen if anyone needs help and call an ambulance for any medical emergencies. Cars today are incredibly safe, but there is still some unavoidable damage that can be done when you hit another vehicle. Make sure that the EMTs can stabilize everyone before proceeding.

After the situation has been calmed, then the police may show up and start gathering evidence from witnesses and collecting official statements from everyone present. If the people who are involved in the crash can speak to the police, they will gladly hear their sides of the story.

If there was any reason that the accident was caused by any party under the influence, then the case starts to become more evident. That person can be charged with a DUI, and it’s open and shut.

After all the evidence is collected, then the insurance companies can get involved. It can be a significant pain dealing with insurance companies especially when it comes to accidents because it takes them a lot of time to pay out a claim. When an accident like that happens then, neither person can be in trouble.

In the case of a DUI accident, that person can be quickly charged with manslaughter. It is at this point when the person who caused the crash is arrested and held in jail. Several drug tests and sobriety tests are then administered to determine if that person is actually under the influence. This then becomes a criminal defense case, and an attorney should be present for that person.

After the trials and hearings if the chips fall in a way that a person gets convicted then that person will go to prison. Depending on the judge it can be five up to fifteen years, and ethical behavior can cut that down some more. After that person is released, then they may have to go through parole and get a parole officer. Sobriety can be asked from the felon to stay out of prison and failing to be sober can lead to another arrest.