Houses Being Broken Into And Robbed By Cable Men

String Of Burglary Committed By Local Cable Men

In Northern Nevada, there is a string of burglaries that have been committed, and for the longest time, the police had no idea where to pursue suspects. They were spread across the region with no clear indication of the central area that the thieves were targeting.

Finally, a break came through, and the police found a pattern that ties all of the burglaries together. A week or so before the breaking and entering happens there is a cable man that visits the home and scope everything out, and then they strike when the house is left empty.

After breaking the homes of the victims, they find the valuables to steal, jewelry and electronics are typical targets. A way to avoid this is to install a safe in your home. Keep valuables in the safe when it’s empty.

Now the company of cable guys is arrested for all of their crimes and they are looking at a massive bail amount.