Legal Issues For College Kids

What Legal Issues College Kids Can Run Into

Most kids are not used to the type of freedom that comes when they go to college. Even more, if they are moving far away from their parents and they are entirely on their own. Some kids will flourish in this type of freedom and blossom into responsible adults. But there are those who cant handle the amount of independence and responsibility of being on their own, and they can sometimes run into legal issues with the law.

Making sure that your kids are safe and secure is a heavy burden, and when things go wrong for them, you need to know the steps to take so that they can have the best chance of becoming a better person of society.

Typical Crimes That College Kids Commit

With the number of freedoms that college kids get it becomes their time to cut loose and experiment. Some do it with drugs, and it can get them into a lot of trouble. There is an epidemic of kids illegally using painkillers, and many will develop an addiction to opiate painkillers. This is incredibly illegal as typically these people will have to steal to get their hands on these pills. The other way is to buy them illegally off the streets, and it can be incredibly dangerous dealing with drug dealers.

Another pill running rampant in college is ADHD medication. It is widely overprescribed, and most college kids can get their hands on it incredibly quickly. This is not as habit forming as painkillers, but it creates a dependency with those who can concentrate on their own. Selling prescribed medication is a felony that’s called possession with intent to sell.

One of the most significant drugs widely available to college kids is alcohol. Many students don’t make it out of college without either a MIP or minor in possession. And MIC which is also called a minor in consumption. And the most dangerous of all is getting a DUI or driving under the influence.

Make sure that your kids understand that pulling any of these stunts can lead to a lifetime of pain down the road and can seriously destroy their future.