Requirements For Posting Bail

Specific requirements must be met for a detainee to make bail and post bail and the Reno Nevada Bail Bonds website shares the insights on what you’ll need.

Usually, bail is set automatically so that it is not necessary for a bail hearing to be set for every person who has been arrested for being suspected of committing a crime. Bail in these cases can only be paid at the jailhouse where the detained person will be released immediately.

Alternatively, bail can be posted at the relevant county or another courthouse that has jurisdiction either over the area where the accused was arrested and jailed. It can, however, be quite complicated to find which courthouse has authority in some counties or states and it is recommended to first make inquiries before traveling to post bail.

In the case of a serious crime, where a suspect has a previous criminal history or where there is a reason to believe that there is a flight risk, the prosecutor may request that bail be set at a bail hearing. This may also happen if there is a risk that the accused may commit another crime while out on bail or can be considered to be a risk either to themselves or the public.

A bail hearing usually takes place within a couple of days of an accused being arrested and placed in custody. However, if a suspect is jailed on the weekend or around a holiday, the process can take a little longer.

The accused will need to prove that they aren’t a flight risk or a threat to society in general for bail to be awarded. The bail amount will be set according to the severity of the alleged crime, whether this is not the first offense or if any flight risk or danger to society exists.

The person posting bail on behalf of an accused will receive a receipt for the transaction either from the jail or court. This receipt will need to be presented for the bail amount to be refunded. The bail amount will only be returned once a decision has been reached as to whether the accused is innocent or guilty or if the case has been dismissed or the charges dropped for any reason whatsoever.

Bail that has been posted will be repaid to the person who paid the amount whether the accused has been found guilty or innocent of the charges brought against them.

The Northern Nevada Swamp

Although Nevada is primarily a desert climate, it can turn into wetlands at parts of the year. These wetlands are home to a divers bio culture of flora and fauna. Here at Dickinson Bayou Group we are dedicated to exploring these desert swamps around Reno and seeing just what discoveries are there to be made.

Join us over the next couple of weeks as we explore the first of these desert swamps in the Washoe Valley of Northern Nevada. Here, we find that once the snow melts, the grounds get very swampy and a different group of animals come out. This valley is rich in insect live and therefore attracts many birds that feast on the bloom on insects. The first few that we found are grey horned owls that we will be sharing with you all!