Bounty Hunters Coming After Those Who Skip Bail

Skipping Bail Can Bring Bounty Hunters To You

Once a person is brought into jail and await their trial then they are at the mercy of the law and obeying every step of the process becomes crucial at every point. It’s at this point that the defendant needs to be on the schedule of the court and the judge. Some defendants are lucky enough to get a chance to post bail.

If you post bail, you can leave jail but are still bound by the court to show up during the hearings that follow the trial. If need be, you can be served a legal document called a subpoena which is a legal summons for that person to show up in court. Failing to appear in court with a subpoena can lead to a warrant for arrest, and that’s not going to be easy to get around that.

After posting bail, the defendant can live a somewhat healthy life where they can move around but is limited in travel. Typically they must stay within state lines, and if any extraordinary circumstances call for a trip out of state, the defendant needs to define that with the court.

If a person skips bail, then a lot of trouble can get started. The bail bondsman used for the defendant can hire a bounty hunter. Typically a bail bondsman needs to put up a significant amount of money for bail, and if the defendant fails to appear in court, then they lose that collateral. That’s why getting the defendant back into court is incredibly talented and can lose them a lot of money. That’s why bringing that person again is of utmost importance.

That is when the bail bondsman will hire a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter is a trained specialist in retrieval. They gather information and track the defendant down and bring them back to court. After they pay the person again, they earn money from the bounty put up by the bail bondsman.

Bounty hunting is very dangerous because they deal with potential criminals who could be armed at any point. Protecting yourself as a hunter is hard and it’s a stressful job, so not many people last doing it.