Drug Arrests Drop After Legalization Of Cannabis

Legalization Of Cannabis Causes Drug Arrests To Drop

With the legalization of cannabis in full force across the states people are getting into less legal issues, there is a massive drop in drug-related arrests and drug-related charges. Because of the medicinal properties that this plant holds, people are now more lenient on the laws regarding cannabis. And with that comes a drop in crime rate related to it.

With medical cards and recreational marijuana legal now, a lot of trouble is being caused by people who are driving under the influence. In Colorado, there is a rise in traffic accidents caused by people driving under the influence of cannabis. Their wrecks are being related to the use of drugs and its increasing the rates at which people are claiming vehicular damage.

One of the most significant effects of legalized cannabis is the massive drop in crime rates. There is an enormous correlation with illegal use of cannabis with criminal charges. Now that it’s legalized, a large chunk of the problem is dropping off. Less criminal defense attorneys are handling cannabis-related arrests.

It used to be that an arrest with cannabis is a felony depending on the amount of the arrest. Even a couple of grams can land you inside prison and now it a slap on the wrist they have more than an ounce. People can also legally grow cannabis within their homes if they’d like.

There are strict rules to the amount of how much a person can grow as well as how much someone can harvest. Crossing state lines with cannabis and sharing it with out-of-state consumers is still illegal. It can be considered trafficking an illegal substance if you take any amount across from a legal state into an illegal state.

Keep in mind that cannabis is still federally illegal and that has a massive effect on how legalities with more significant drug charges happen. Many legal states are becoming more relaxed, just be sure that you are within the confines of the law when consuming this stuff to prevent yourself from getting arrested.